8-Week Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist!

8 Weeks Before You Move

Ensure all plans and paperwork for your new

home are completed and secured

Determine whether you will move yourself or

use professional movers

Research and request estimates from

moving companies

Create a budget for moving, which should

include cost of moving supplies, transportation,

and potential professional help in relocating

Create a digital or hard file to track important

moving documents such as receipts, as well

as important medical, dental, school, and

financial records


7 Weeks Before You Move

If applicable, begin requesting and

collecting medical, dental, prescription, and

veterinary records

Compile copies of financial and legal records

If applicable, request school records to

be transferred

If applicable, cancel or transfer gym membership

Contact insurance agent to see if adjustments

need to be made for a new policy


6 Weeks Before You Move

Determine whether to ship or personally

transport costly and valuable items

Begin taking inventory of all your items and

separate into nonessential, essential, and

unneeded/unwanted categories

Discard broken, irreparable, or other

unwanted items

Start planning a garage sale for unwanted items

Begin consuming perishables and using other

products that cannot be moved or shipped

5 Weeks before you move

Purchase or collect moving supplies

Begin packing, staring with nonessential

items and clearly label boxes, including what

room it will be placed in once moved, such as

bedroom, kitchen, or living room

File a change of address with the U.S. Postal

Service or request them to hold mail at the

post office in your new neighborhood


4 Weeks Before You Move

Notify utility services at your current and

new locations of relocation. Utility services

should include:








Waste Management

Make reservation for moving truck or

professional movers

If self-moving, notify family, friends, and other

help of the moving date

If applicable, reserve a self storage unit to help

with the moving process

Have the garage sale for unwanted or

outgrown items

If you have pets, determine or make travel

arrangements for them.

3 Weeks Before You Move

Find a company that will dispose of unused

flammables, corrosives, poisons, and other

items that cannot be shipped, except for food.

Donate or discard any unsold items from the

garage sale

If driving a long distance for your move, have

your vehicles serviced

2 Weeks Before You Move

Begin notifying the following services of the move:




Bank/Credit Union

Credit Card Companies

Car Insurance Provider

Car Loan Provider

Financial Planner





Health Insurance Provider



Magazine Subscriptions


Video Streaming such as Netflix, if you are

subscribed to the mailing service


Social Security Administration


Veterans Administration

Confirm travel arrangements for family and pets

Confirm moving date with movers, friends,

family, or other help

Create a meal plan for the next two weeks,

aiming to consume all perishable foods in

current home

Assemble a file of important information about

current home for the next owner


1 Week Before You Move

Review moving plans

Give new address to friends and family

Pack remaining essential items

Pack personal essentials in a box to keep nearby

during move

Fill any prescriptions needed during the move

Drain gas, oil, and other fluids from lawn care

equipment, grills, heaters, etc.

Drain water from hoses

Take measurements of doorways and furniture

to ensure furniture can fit through

Empty the refrigerator of any food products and

defrost at least 24 hours before moving

Deep clean your living space


Moving Day

Load items in truck in a pre-determined order,

preferably grouped by what room the items will

go in at the new home.

Give every room and closet a last look over to

ensure nothing is left behind

If necessary, call moving company to have

shipments picked up

Leave new owners a note with new address to

forward any stray mail, as well as extra house

and mail keys

Moving in

Place and use carpet, floor, and door frame

protectors throughout new home

Unload items directly into room they are

labeled for, such as bedroom, kitchen, living

room, etc.

Check over items for any move-related damages

Pick up any mail being held at new local

post office

Begin organizing your new home

Order pizza to celebrate a successful move


After the Move

Compile all moving-related receipts and

documents and place in move file to store in an

easy-to-remember location in your new home

Update address on driver’s license and vehicle

tags within 30 days of your move

Meet your new neighbors

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